Speaking out for our best friends

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills, also called, puppy farms, are large-scale commercial breeding facilities that sell puppies to pet stores and online locations.  Hundreds of thousands of dogs suffer in puppy mills in this country.  The dogs are locked in small, feces-filled cages without adequate food or water and without any friendly human contact what so ever.  They stay in their cages 24 hours a day and never have the chance to run in the grass or feel the warmth of the sun.  They are denied air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter and never, ever receive veterinary care.  Puppy mill breeding dogs never get out of their prisons.  They are bred over and over again until they die or are killed by their breeder because they are no longer profitable.  The only way to free them from the misery of these horrid puppy mills is to eliminate the demand for puppies.  Boycott pet stores that sell puppies and never buy a puppy in a pet store.  When people stop buying puppies in pet stores, the puppy mills will go out of business and the misery will end.

We can not rely on state and federal governments to end the horror of puppy mills.  There are few laws to protect dogs and there are even fewer people to enforce them.  Commercial breeders and brokers have large well-funded lobbying efforts, but we can make a difference for dogs suffering in puppy mills by ending the cash flow.  Do your research before buying a puppy because many puppy mill owners call themselves "breeders" to fool the public into buying their dogs.


 Thousands of dogs are euthanized every day all over the country simply because there aren't enough homes for all of them.  There are many wonderful dogs and puppies available from rescue groups and local shelters.  There are responsible breeders who love to show prospective buyers their "parent" dogs.  Don't be fooled. Never, ever buy a puppy from a pet store and encourage everyone you know to do the same.  Together we can make a difference and end the nightmare for these dogs.

Sign the Petition and help Lucas County stop the opening of The Family Puppy (a puppy mill outlet).


Ban Ohio's Dog Auctions

Ohio has no laws preventing dog auctions.  Buyers and sellers who attend this auction come from 15 states, and many of them have long standing, repeated violations of the Animal Welfare Act and/or have been convicted of animal cruelty.

Many concerned citizens firmly believe the auctions serve not reputable breeders but large commercial facilities where dogs are bred to produce as many puppies as possible in conditions ranging from unsanitary to inhumane.  

The Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions is spearheading a new, citizen-backed ballot initiative – The Ohio Dog Auctions Act.

The measure (similar in language to Pennsylvania's Statute 459-603) will establish a statute to the Ohio Dog Law making it illegal for anyone to auction or raffle a dog in Ohio. It also would prohibit bringing dogs into the state for sale or trade that were acquired by auction or raffle elsewhere.

Businesses and groups from all over Central Ohio have been showing their support by writing letters, organizing and making their views known. But we need to turn up the volume. Our elected officials need to know without a doubt that this issue matters.

If you are interested in helping us with this campaign, we want to hear from you! Please visit www.BanOhioDogAuctions.com or contact us at info@BanOhioDogAuctions.com  With more strategic action, we can end dog auctions in Ohio. Very simply, it is our choice.



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